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What is yoga

Nowadays, yoga is more known as a set of physical practices that comprise gentle stretches, breathing practices, and deep relaxation. The science of yoga works on the physical body. When the physical body is not balanced, the muscles, organs, and nerves cannot function in harmony.

Yoga helps to coordinate the different bodily functions. Furthermore, yoga can improve one’s mental and emotional condition via the relaxation method.

You don't need to be flexible

Most people's perception of yoga is they need to be flexible to practice yoga. It is not true. Instead, if your muscles are tight due to athletics and long hours sitting at the office, you need yoga to stretch your muscles to prevent muscle pain.

You don't need to touch your toes to enjoy the benefits. One must understand that everyone's body is different. Yoga is definitely not about winning, but it sure feels good when you finally nail certain poses.

Benefit of yoga

We have yoga classes that are designed specifically to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain. Many studies showed that yoga is proven to be an alternative therapy to help manage spine problems including scoliosis, sciatica, degenerative disc and frozen shoulder.

Besides, sleep disorder, constipation and migraines could be alleviated by yoga practice. Many members benefited from practicing yoga in our studio  with positive results.

About Yoga: Our Therapies
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